How To End A Toxic Friendship

How To End A Toxic Friendship
    If you're constantly walking around on someone's eggshells, it's appropriate to get out of a relationship. Toxic people are almost always exhausted by their environment, and if they are poisonous to you, you know it.
    You want to make sure that someone knows that you are no longer interested in their companionship. Toxic people have a way of luring you back into their lives, so stay away from them.The first step in untangling yourself from a toxic person is to admit that you're in a relationship. Recognize the truth about the relationship and allow yourself time to heal, but ending the relationship and saving yourself the after-effects is never easy.Chances are that you won't have fun with that person any more, and that you'll stick to certain notions of friendship even after separating from your toxic boyfriend. Be honest with yourself that the relationship is toxic and will not benefit you in any way. This will not only help you to abandon your Toxic Friend, but will also help you to have higher standards for yourself in the future.Toxic people can sense when someone retreats, and they will try to do things to get you back in their lap. Remember that a toxic person is unlikely to change, even if they swear they will, so you are likely to feel exhausted after spending time with them. You're probably a burden on them, but you're also not the only one in the relationship with toxic people.Mixed feelings are normal and to be expected, but that does not mean that friendship cannot be toxic. Your friend may have admirable qualities, and you could really admire and love them - but It doesn't mean you should continue with a toxic friendship. Avoid being drawn back into the relationship - your friends could really love you, or they couldn't.It's okay to love your boyfriend and still want to move on, but it's not okay if they're toxic to you or worse to the other person.Make a screenplay: Breaking up a friendship is difficult, but the task of a toxic friend can be particularly difficult. Creating and practicing your script in advance can help you stay calm and on track when you face the toxic person. Your boyfriend may try to deny or dissuade you from any wrongdoing, so form and practice the script. Practice your scripts, practice them with your friend and also with other friends and family members.Try to get through your most important thoughts and formulate a few clear sentences that explain why you are ending the relationship. Then first look at your written thoughts and then a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth sentence.Be as direct as possible and practice the script a few times, but you don't want to read it when you confront the person. Try to memorize the words more or less before you confront your friend, or you can practice in front of a mirror and simply recite them to yourself.Toxic people can be very affectionate and controlling and not simply respond, so it can help to break ties under clear conditions if you are as clear as possible. You want clarity when you break up a toxic relationship, but toxic people often don't and they can't.You don't have to be brutal, but unnecessary aggression can escalate the situation from a fight to a situation that hurts the person enormously. Enter your feelings and expectations as firmly as possible and try to be clear without being offensive.Decide where you want to go from here : Do you feel that you don't take anything away from the relationship, or do you think it would be best to go your separate ways? Take care of yourself and decide if it becomes too difficult for you to maintain a relationshipMake your personal boundaries clear to your friends: This is important for healthy relationship dynamics, so make a list of personal boundaries beforehand. Never apologize for having limits, and make it clear if you don't want to contact your nearest and dearest.For example, you want them to know that you don't want to contact them for a while and that you need time and space to heal. You need to set your limits as clearly as possible: you want him or her to refrain from texting or making calls in the future.For example, you may not want to see this person at group events, but if you need to show them your other boundaries, do so. For example: I broke off my friendship with Gillian before I knew it, and I am still friends with her to this day.If you are still hanging out, it is best to let them know in advance if you are attending a group event. t want to see them a bit because you need some space, but If she's still hanging out with you, that's fine.
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