How To Cope With Divorce As A Child

How To Cope With Divorce As A Child
    Going through a divorce can be difficult for the whole family, but if your parents make a difficult decision, you may find that it can also change everything in your life.
    The best way to come to terms with your parents is to get over it, and then you can try to adapt to the new normal and focus on your life again. You don't have to forget the feelings, but you move to a new place, leave old friends behind and get used to having two houses and meeting new people outside your parents.Dealing with a divorce from your parents arouses many feelings, and you have to express those feelings however you want, even if they are not necessarily negative.Everyone goes through a wide range of emotions all the time, and it is perfectly normal to feel hurt, angry and angry, sad and confused. Moreover, these emotions can change from day to day, causing a lot of pain and suffering.Do not judge, do not think that something is wrong, there is no right or wrong feeling, and do not judge yourself or think that you are wrong.You can be silent, you can cry or scream, and even if you cry, it will only cause more pain for your mother and father.When someone tells you to "grow up, grow up," be aware that such advice, even if well-intentioned, is wrong. It is perfectly okay to cry, scream into the pillow or beat yourself up in bed, because it is a way to let out your emotions and frustration. Your feelings are real and you need to express them in your own way, so you should choose healthy coping strategies.One may be tempted to act through drug or alcohol use, but these behaviours will only make matters worse. The reality does not change, and you should not harm yourself or others by acting, even if you may have been tempted.Talking to someone else can be a great way to express how you feel about your divorce and trust someone you trust. Be sure to call a friend, go for a walk or write in your diary instead of engaging in unhealthy activities. Trust yourself and someone you have trusted, such as a family member, a close friend or even a stranger.Choose someone to listen to and support you when you need it, and choose someone you can contact, such as a friend, family member, therapist, or even a counselor.Don't worry if you don't know what else to say - you could start the conversation by saying: "My parents are divorcing. Do not know what they think of you or whether they are worried about you because you are afraid of them and you do not know what to do or say.If you have friends or classmates whose parents have gone through a divorce with their parents, see how they deal with it. Just focus on opening up and expressing how your feelings are expressed and how you can better figure them out and hear from someone who understands what you are going through. Talk to a child with divorced parents - how can you hear someone understand what's going on with you?Perhaps you have some advice on how to deal with this new change, or if it is a new issue for you as it is today, what do you think?Craig, I know my parents split up last year and I'm going through a divorce, "she said, knowing that her parents had separated from Craig in recent years.How do you deal with a divorce as a child, especially a divorce at the age of 12, and how does that affect your relationship with your parents?Perhaps write a poem, song, story or entry in your diary to let your emotions run wild. You can also use other creative activities to control your emotions, such as listening to music, playing with your dog, doing sports, etc. Give yourself a day off and express yourself in a constructive way.You can't cope as a couple, but it's not your fault and your parents didn't make the decision for some reason. It was the problem parents who caused the divorce, not you or your siblings, so it wasn't their fault. The decision was made by the parents for their own reasons and not to your advantage.Try not to find out what happened to you and know that you cannot undo it, but focus instead on coping with the divorce.
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