How To End A Friendship

How To End A Friendship
    Losing a friend can be as hard as breaking up with a lover, but if it just doesn't work out, it's time to pull the plug. If your friendship is more toxic than useful, it may be time to pull the plug.
    You think your anger will subside, but it really is the end, and if you can't stop fighting, you will never stop. Once you cut the cord, you don't cut it as much as you cut yourself off from it.Friends fight and remain friends, but you can't always expect perfection from them, and each disagreement is unique. If you're struggling more than you feel friendly, it's time for a deposit, even if the disagreement persists. Friends fight, they fight back and forth, sometimes for months or even years.The subject itself plays a major role in friendship, and if disagreement simply does not die, friendship with it dies.Voting for different people is one thing, but if someone deeply disagrees with your core beliefs, that's a deal - break. If you grow far apart and want to repair it, you should consider ending it. There is no injury or slight injury for which any of us will apologise, and there is nothing worse than the feeling that I cannot say I am sorry and my life goes on.After a while, you feel so tired of having to call your friend to talk that you feel like calling yourself.So you wonder if your boyfriend could do anything to save the relationship, but he doesn't. People change, and you find excuses not to hang out with them, even if they're not really friends with you.You go through tough periods and if it's not fun for a few weeks, a cut - back or a run - is an excuse. Do not fight if you have no reason, but try to be old friends again, even if they are no longer really friends with you.It's as simple as that: just stop hanging around for a while and compare your life to your friend's a little less. It is childish in the extreme to rush to your best friend, who you will never see again. Drifting apart does not mean drifting apart, it just drifts away from each other in different ways, sometimes for different reasons and sometimes simply because of different circumstances.Hanging around would not achieve the same goals in the long run, even if it is only for a few months or even a year.Simply put, there is still energy expended to keep the relationship going, and it makes it easier to move away once and for all. If you are not sure if this is what you want to do, try to see him or her less if you can. It makes me sad to imagine my life without that person, but it is a much better alternative than being removed all at once.If you already know that you will be able to get rid of all the drama, boredom and other negative feelings associated with that person, then it is a good idea to end them. If the answer is "no," then take a break, stop being bad, ignore common friends, activities or other nonsense and move on.
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