How To Impress Someone On A First Date

How To Impress Someone On A First Date
    Finally it happened: You met the guy or girl of your dreams and you want to impress him or her. Even if you're sweating in anticipation of bullets, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure your date goes incredibly well.
    Before your date, you may feel anxious, nervous, excited, or a combination of the three. To calm your nervousness before the date, try to do something relaxing that can distract your mind from the upcoming occasion and put you in a carefree, cheerful mood. Take the time to relax with a good book, a good glass of wine and a warm cup of coffee or tea.
    Watch a movie or TV show, do yoga, read, listen to music, or watch movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet while you do so.

    If you're nervous about saying "no" to a date, try this: Prepare a simple question for the first date. You can cover a lot of ground that you can fall back on when you need it.
    Take care of yourself: Take a shower, brush your teeth, clean every part of your body and take a bath before your date. Then apply antiperspirant and deodorant, finish your hair, take care and clean all body parts.
    If you have facial hair, make sure you shave or cut it off to make your face look nice and clean. Make sure your outfit matches your first date, if you like, and refresh yourself just before the date if necessary.

    A small amount of perfume or cologne can make a strong statement, but dress nicely for the occasion. Put on a good-looking suit and go to an upscale restaurant or similarly chic eatery, or look for something casual and flattering if you spend time with them instead.
    No matter what you wear, make sure that you do not restrict your breathing or movement too much and that it is not too heavy.
    When you go to places that require a lot of walking, leave your heels at home and leave behind anything that makes interaction more difficult. You may drive a dirty car, but it will give your date a bad first impression. If you use your car on a date, clean it thoroughly before and after the date. A first date is about getting to know each other, not the car or the clothes on your back.
    If the interior of your car has a distinct odor, buy an air freshener and clean it to avoid trash and unwanted items. If there are many crumbs in the car, pick them up with a vacuum cleaner, and if the outside is noticeably dirty, run them through the washing machine.
    Giving the date a little gift can make a great first impression, even if you didn't expect it. A small gift takes the date from a pleasant surprise to a nice surprise and then back to the first date with a smile on your face.
    For more formal and traditional occasions, bring a bouquet or box of chocolates. The purpose of these gifts is to show that they are important and to avoid giving something big and expensive on the first date. If you go to a place that sells small gifts, try to buy a gift for the date instead. While most people make their gifts at the beginning of a date, you can keep them until the middle or end.
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