What You Need to Know As a Make Up Blogger

The first thing you need to know as a make up blogger is to secure yourself your own site and domain name. Your URL should showcase the name of your blog, making it easier for interested readers to find your blog online and start reading. Having your own website is a major benefit, it gives you the freedom to create your own unique blog, maybe even with an online store, so your readers can read up on your reviews and information and if they want to buy a product, they can simply click on the link in your online store.

Don't fall into the trap of believing that WordPress is not the best website choice when it comes to blogs. WordPress comes with a range of themes, so you can create your own unique make up blog with complete ease. The benefit to the WordPress sites is that you can pay for more features, you can easily carry out a store on your blog and more. This way you are guaranteed to have your own unique blog, your own URL and your own space to share your views and the information you believe your audience will want to read about moving forward.

Ensure you give ample reviews. Many of your readers will rely on your website to gain information on new products that have come on the market. Write honest reviews. Try the product for a while and take notes on how it feels on your skin, the benefits it has and why your readers may want to buy it. If you don't like a product, make sure your readers are aware of the problems you met and why you feel the product isn't a good match. As your blog gains popularity, you may find certain stores and manufacturers will contact you to review their products, sharing your thoughts with your audience to boost their sales.

Don't only offer reviews. Review after review is boring, so make sure you offer your readers other information that they can use. You may want to write about the latest colour trends for this season or give them step by step guides on make up artistry. You want your readers to have the best all round experience when reading your make up blog, so make sure you focus on all aspects of make up to give them something of value that they can use. This will also make sure that they return to your site and visit the blog regularly to see what your latest posts have to say.

Work on a budget. Help your readers find the products they want and put a complete make up bag together on a shoe string budget. When you write your reviews, share the prices with your readers, so that they know off the cuff what price they can expect to pay for the product. When writing a make up tutorial on how to do a certain look, ensure you give them a break down of what they will need, along with the latest prices. Your readers will appreciate this and it can help them budget so moving forward.
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